Over 2,000,000 tickets have been sold


With around seven weeks still to go until the start of Rugby World Cup 2007, the organising committee have announced that over two million tickets have been sold.

IRB Chairman, Dr Syd Millar, proudly exclaims, "Rugby World Cup 2007 is well on the way to being the best ever. We have never sold 2 million tickets before so this is an historic milestone for the tournament which is now the third biggest sports event in the world".

2,400,000 tickets have been put on sale since the beginning of the first ticket sales phase in November 2005. As the competition draws nearer most of the remaining tickets are likely to be snapped up by people that were unable to commit to travel arrangements in advance. With such a large number of tickets sold the 2007 Rugby World Cup is sure to be a great success with stadiums packed full with enthusiastic supporters.

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